610 MASS Alumni page

Unit History and Mission

The 610th Military Airlift Support Squadron (610 MASS), a unit of the Military Airlift command (MAC), was just one of many MASS units stationed throughout the free world in support of military airlift operations.

Military Airlift Support Squadrons were basically a smaller, consolidated version of the larger US-based airlift wings usually referred to as “home station”. Instead of the usual separate maintenance, air freight and operations units seen in the States, all these specialties were assigned under the single control of the MASS unit.

In the Far East theater, the 603rd MASS, Kadena AB, Okinawa; 604th MASS, Clark AB, Philippines; 605th MASS, Andersen AFB, Guam were just a few of our sister units.

The 610th, stationed at Yokota AB, Japan, was first activated on 4 Apr 1966 and operated until its’ deactivation on 1 Oct 1978. During its’ short, but illustrious history, it functioned primarily in support of military operations in Vietnam. Our squadron motto, “Links the Far East”, eloquently stated our mission.

Our daily duties included providing aircraft maintenance, operations, air freight and passenger support for all the military and commercial aircraft transiting Yokota AB.

In addition to the C-141 and C-5 aircraft, we also supported the numerous 707, 727, 747 and DC-8 aircraft that transported personnel, cargo, mail and other goods throughout the Far East.

Many of the missions that transited Yokota were named Far East Intra-Theater (FEIT), which meant they flew between the various bases in Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Guam, and the Philippines as well as in country to Vietnam until the departure of US Forces from that country. Mail, cargo, passengers, including medical evacuations, and the Stars and Stripes newspaper were but a few of the items carried by our aircraft and crews.

During its’ short tenure, the 610th was awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the following periods:

8 Apr 1966 - 30 Jun 1966
1 Jul 1966  - 30 Jun 1967
1 Jul 1967  - 30 Jun 1968
1 Jul 1968  - 30 Jun 1970
1 Jul 1970  - 30 Jun 1972
1 Jul 1972  - 30 Jun 1973